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C&L TEC will accompany you on your way to the future.
Global Sourcing has fast become an important procurement strategy for international acting companies. A competitive company should be able to access effectively the so-called factor market (ground, labor, capital) at any time.
The so-called global technical sourcing is the core area of the general global sourcing. This implies a lot of experience and established expert knowledge. This is a big problem for many companies of different size because they cannot handle the problem due to geographical and financial reasons.
C&L TEC offers you this global technical sourcing for German, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese and European-Asiatic collaboration as well.
We carried out an internal restructuring in order to being able to offer you an effective and expert service. C&L TEC, the new department of C&L INT GmbH is responsible for the technical coordination which is separated into "technical sourcing", "consulting", "R&D", "marketing&distribution" and "logistic". C&L TEC combines the German drive of technical progress with the Korean virtue of eagerness and militancy.
C&L has targeted to become one of the most important European-Asiatic technology hubs.